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  • Proximity
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity


To enable non-French or non-German speakers to acquire as quickly as possible the means of linguistic communication that will allow them to better integrate into their new environment and feel "at home" in Switzerland. Enabling the acquisition of a second language, whether local or not, helps to develop a better ability to communicate in Switzerland or abroad (when travelling for example or following a professional transfer). All members of the family are concerned, whatever the case, so as not to depend solely on the main learner to communicate in everyday life.


All our teachers speak several languages and are usually able to communicate in a language they have in common with the learner. In addition, most of our teachers have experienced expat life themselves, having lived abroad and understanding the difficulties faced by the learners who trust us.


Our courses programs, developed through years of experience, meets the needs of our clients. Whether it is individual or group, face-to-face or distance learning, at school, in a company or at home, our teaching, based on fundamental principles and proven didactic material (recognised book publishers, exercise platform created for the needs of the school, teachers and learners), is entirely customised to the rhythm, level (A0 to C2) and needs of each learner. Our courses, whether they are language courses, intensive courses, thematic courses or exam preparation courses, are always designed in consultation with the learner, in order to perfectly meet their wishes and goals.


We can teach young people (from the age of 5), teenagers and adults and our timetables are very flexible in order to make life easier for our learners, whether they prefer their lessons early in the morning, late at night, during the week or even at the weekend.


Customer satisfaction is our main motivation. This is why our clients can change teachers if theirs does not suit them, if their needs change, or if their availability changes.


Our teachers, hand-picked by the CEO, comfortable in all situations, highly experienced and always respectful of the well-being of our students, always do their utmost to guarantee quality and appropriate teaching, in collaboration with the students themselves, to whom they give all the means to put into practice what they have learnt and to succeed in their learning of the chosen language or the exam to be taken.